Vision & Mission


The vision that we at Colorband are committed to:

  • Be a market leader in the textile industry, providing top-notch quality products
  • Emerge as a trustworthy company and leading brand for our customers
  • Provide consistent and extensive services that guarantee customer satisfaction and delight


At Colorband, we firmly believe that character defines quality. As a result, our strong values and beliefs are directly linked to the excellent quality of our products.

Our business mission:

  • Innovation:¬†In every process and product, thereby differentiating us from other players in the industry
  • Excellence:¬†Driving us to achieve high-quality standards in products, processes and human resources
  • Integrity:¬†Working with honesty, transparency and best business practices with stakeholders, employees, business partners, suppliers, distributors and customers
  • Environment: To ensure a healthy environment, by providing ecologically safe products

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