CBENE Disperse Dyes

Conventional Dyes

  • Suitable for 100% polyester and its blends
  • Based on either Azo or Anthraquinone
  • Special type of Chromophore range, covers the entire gamut of shades

RD Dyes-Download MSDS

  • Compact dyeing process; suitable for rapid dyeing
  • High bath exhaustion and complete diffusion
  • High operational reliability
  • Substantial savings in time, energy and chemicals

Luminous Dyes

  • Fluorescent dyes for bright shades
  • Can be used as illuminants in printing
  • Robust to everyday processing variations
  • Used for high visibility fabric

RR Dyes-Download MSDS

  • Excellent bright shades and very good build-up properties
  • Dyes suitable and stable in wider range of pH (3 to 9)
  • Excellent reproducibility and compatibility

High Wash Fastnes-Download MSDS

  • Designed for high wash fastness
  • No to minimum staining to polyamide
  • Meets stringent washing fastness requirement
  • Versatile application

High Light Fastness-Download MSDS

  • Meets highest light fastness on polyester for automotive textiles
  • Recommended for yarn as well as piece dyeing
  • Shows excellent dispersion stability

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