Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

Colorband always strives to prevent or minimise any injuries to its employees at work. The company’s safety team meets periodically to provide updates on safety-related issues, arrange rehearsals of safety procedures and onsite emergency action plans.

Colorband protects the environment by preventing and or minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and products through appropriate design, manufacturing, distribution, use and wastage disposal practices.

The company has its pollution treatment facilities and operates within the guidelines of the GPCP (Gujarat Pollution Control Board). Waste water effluents are treated as per GPCP norms, and sent to a CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant) for further treatment and disposal.

We provide all amenities as per government norms to match our best in process.

In compliance to continuous improvement, Environment Management Programs are in place, which are monitored to bring about reduction in waste, pollution and energy costs with consequent benefits to the environment and to the company.

Safety, Health & Environment Policy

  • We at Colorband Dyestuff Pvt. Ltd., are engaged in manufacturing dyes & intermediates.
  • We are committed to maintain and continually improve the Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) performance at our facilities.
  • SHE care is firstly the management’s, as well as the worker’s responsibility.
  • Our strategy is aimed at prevention of injuries, fires, damages, exposure to dangerous substances and prevention of noise and odour, This also extends to the prevention of negative environmental effects, by creating awareness among all the employees on SHE and related matters.
  • We shall endeavour to ensure that SHE is integrated in all managerial decisions including selection / procurement / transportation of raw materials, finished goods, machinery, equipment selection / placement of personnel and disposal of all related waste.
  • We shall endeavour to comply with all applicable legal and statutory requirements, prescribed under the various Acts and Rules.
  • We shall endeavour to conserve natural resources, in particular water, power, oil and chemicals, and minimise / substitute the use of hazardous materials.
  • We shall communicate this policy to all employees, and make it available to the public and interested parties.

Restrict​e​d Substance List​ (RSL)​

​In the endeavour to gain client confidence and ensure sustained relationships globally, retail and brand owners have begun focussing on RSLs. Applying the retailers’ or brand owners’ very own definitions and environmental standards, RSL requires​ certain chemical substances to be absent​ or​ limit​ed​ ​to small concentration​s​, in ​associated ​product​s ​​or on​ ​finished textiles.​ Many times, these​ initiatives are carried out in conjunction with the CSR program of the company.

We at Colorband endorse the RSL initiative and ensure that our products comply with these standards.

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