Coloration is the process of imparting colour to the substrate like fibre, top, yarn and fabric. Textile speciality chemicals play an important role in achieving the right results. Levelling agents ensure uniform reproducible level dyeing by controlling the exhaustion and migration of the dyestuff. The choice of levelling agent depends on the fibre and dye type. Bath regulator plays a significant role by conditioning the bath liquor during the course of the dyeing. Washing off and clearing agents are used to remove the unfixed loose dye particles from the dyed fabrics and improve the fastness properties of the goods by preventing the staining. Fastness properties of the dyed substrate can be significantly improved by using proper dye fixative. The dispersion stability of the dyestuff can be strengthened by choosing right type of dispersing agents that prevent the crystallisation and agglomeration of dye molecule in the dye bath.

Product Range

  • Cbquest CA
  • Cbdye RH
  • Cbdye LD
  • Cbwash SPL
  • Cbdyefix HP
  • Cbgen DFT Liq
  • Cbgen LEV
  • Cbdye OL
  • Cbtreat WR
  • Cbclear ARC New
  • Cbacid N
  • Cbacid VSB
  • Cbgen LAA
  • Arkotine EFC
  • Cbmol DAN Liq
  • Cbmol WS Pdr

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