Finishing improves the aesthetic value of textiles in the final stage of textile processing. Finishing agents modify the feel of the fabric to suit customer needs in terms of softness, bulk, body, bounce, smoothness etc,. Speciality finishes are applied on the textiles based on their attributes like hydrophilicity, anti pilling, soil and water repellency, flame retardency, etc. Softeners are used to enhance the feel and drape, thereby improving the aesthetic value of textiles. Durable press finishes improve the properties and performance of washable fabrics.

Product Range

  • Cbsoft SIL NEW
  • Cbsoft HC SIL
  • Cbsoft HPE
  • Cbsoft PLUS
  • Cbsoft CES
  • Cbsoft NSW
  • Cbsoft CWS Flakes
  • Cbsoft NIS Conc
  • Cbsoft LY
  • Cbsoft TM
  • Cblube TLA
  • Cblube ECO

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