Nylon – a polyamide fibre, is dyed with anionic dyes. The fibre is very sensitive in the low pH range and to high temp. Acid donors, levelling agents and dye fixing agents play a crucial role in achieving uniform dyeing. Wool, a natural polyamide fibre, is scoured to remove the wax. The scoured fibre is dyed with anionic dyes with the aid of a levelling and protecting agent, to produce uniform dyeings. The colouration of acrylic fibre is carried out with cationic dyes and retarders play an effective role in achieving uniform results.

Product Range

  • Cbgen NL
  • Cbdye AD
  • Cbdyefix PA
  • Cbtreat APY
  • Cbgen RLW
  • Cbgen WPA
  • Cbretard AL

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