Pre-treatment is the heart of wet processing and its importance cannot be neglected before dyeing or printing. Chemical pre-treatment may be defined as a series of operations mainly concerned with the removal of natural as well as added impurities in a substrate, to achieve a desired level of absorbency and whiteness, by utilising minimum time, energy and chemicals as well as water.

The purpose of pre-treatment is not only to avoid defects but also to meet fastness requirements. Efficiently pretreated fabrics have better dyeability. The pre-treatment process includes desizing, scouring and bleaching operations.

​Product Range

  • Cbquest DM
  • Cbwet RWK
  • Cbwet N 100
  • Cbwet LF
  • Cblube C I
  • Cbstab PS
  • Cbquest FE
  • Cbzyme NT
  • Cbzyme OEM
  • Cb N PLUS
  • Cbscour PDS
  • Cbscour SCR
  • Cbscour SR
  • Cbscour FBOL

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